Are you familiar with professional leak detection? Perhaps you have heard of this service or have noticed that we offer it, but you are unaware of what it is or what the benefits are. In both residential and commercial plumbing scenarios, leaving leaky pipes unattended can have catastrophic consequences. From skyrocketing utility bills to damaged foundations and more, it is best to get ahead of the issue before it gets disastrous. 

However, sometimes homeowners and business owners may not be aware that a leak exists, or they may have suspicions but no way to confirm. In addition, sometimes there is a known leak, but the exact location of it needs to be pinpointed before repairs can be made. In these circumstances, leak detection services are essential. These services assist with determining the presence of a leak and locating it so plumbing professionals can address it in a timely manner.

There are many different approaches to leak detection, each with its own pros and cons. Keep reading to learn a bit more about each of these methods, and how VIP Plumbing Experts can help you with all your plumbing services needs. 

Video Leak Detection

This leak detection method is fairly straightforward. Professional plumbers utilize video camera equipment to scope out the pipes in a plumbing system, observing the flow of water and structure of the pipes themselves. This can assist with identifying any broken or burst pipes, as well as weak spots due to rust, deterioration, and obstructions. Video leak detection can locate small-scale problems so they can be repaired before becoming large-scale issues. 

Hydrostatic Pressure Leak Detection

This leak detection method is a bit more complex than simply threading a camera through the pipes. Instead, an inflatable ball is placed inside of a sewer mainline and then is inflated, effectively obstructing it. The next step is to fill the system up with water until it reaches slab level, and then to observe this water for around 20 minutes. Changes in the water level can indicate whether there is a leak. 

Electronic Listening Leak Detection

This leak detection method involves using electronic listening devices to determine if any irregularities exist within the plumbing system, and can assist with pinpointing their exact location. 

Digital Leak Detection

This leak detection method is particularly useful when it comes to complex or large plumbing systems. It is also beneficial when multiple leaks are present, as it can detect and locate leaks in a relatively quick manner. Digital leak detection systems listen for sounds that are often due to leaks, while filtering out other background noises, making them much more effective than manual listening devices. 

Leak Detection with VIP Plumbing Experts

If you think that your home or business may be experiencing leaky pipes or you are in need of any other plumbing services, get in touch with VIP Plumbing Experts today! If you have been searching for plumbing services in Plano, look no further than VIP Plumbing Experts. We are ready and able to help with all your plumbing needs! 

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